Will & Grace, HBO Top Gay TV


According to a new study of gay and lesbian TV viewing, Will & Grace is the most watched TV show, while Home Box Office is the most watched cable or satellite network.

The Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census, conducted by OpusComm Group in conjunction with Syracuse University and Scarborough Research, found that the top 10 most watched TV shows, in order, were Will & Grace, Queer As Folk, Friends,Six Feet Under, Trading Spaces, ER, Sex & the City/Law and Order,20/20, Dateline, and CSI.

Most-watched cable networks, in order, were HBO, Bravo, A&E, Discovery, The Learning Channel, Showtime, Comedy Central, Lifetime, CNN, and History Channel.

According to OpusComm, a gay/lesbian consumer research firm, gay men and women spend about $514 billion a year, making them an important target demo for advertisers.

The study was an online poll conducted in summer 2003 of approximately 8,000 respondents.