"Wi-Fi " Company Seeks Makeover


Newport Beach, Calif.-based IP TV company Wi-Fi TV has come up with a cost-effective way to redesign its rather plain Web site.

The company has created a contest: Home Page Designer of the Year. Contestants will redisign its WWW.Wi-FiTV.com Web page. The winner gets $1,000 and the honorific "Wi-Fi TV Web Designer of the Year for 2006." He or she will also get a live interview on one of its 200 "channels."

Wi-Fi isn't actually a Wi-Fi (wireless fiber) company, but it streams the channels, including an Assyrain TV station, a couple of bar webcams, and a public-domain video of a 1955 black & white Chevrolet travelogue (as well as the more familiar C-SPAN and TBN), over the Internet. "It's as good a name as any," says Colby Marceau, director of investor relations.

A new Web site will help. Now if there were just a way to smooth out those nagging fits and starts of streaming TV.