Who Might Replace Couric on Today?


Here’s how feverish the Katie Couric guessing game has become. With everyone assuming that Couric will bolt Today for the CBS Evening News, speculation about who might replace her hasn’t just gone around the bend; it has gone back in time.

The newest name to be kicked around by more than one industry insider is actually an old one: Bryant Gumbel. (No, that’s not a typo.)

File this one under "Long Shots," but let’s not forget that Gumbel put in 15 years on Today, the longest run of anyone in that show’s history, and then clocked another three years on the CBS Early Show after that.

Sure, this would mean pairing him with Matt Lauer and ditching the venerable gender-balanced co-host formula, but the two already have the chemistry. They have been best buddies since the days when Lauer played Today’s news anchor to Gumbel’s co-host.

We know that the odds aren’t good. But we urge you to consider it.

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