Whiting, Nogales Meet Over Meters

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The news seems to have gotten lost in the Fourth of July festivities, but Nielsen Media Research president Susan Whiting and a handful of top executives have had their face-to-face with "Local People Meter" opponents the Don't Count Us Out Coalition, led by National Hispanic Media Coalition president Alex Nogales.

According to one of the Nielsen execs in the July 1 meeting, it was a frank discussion, with the coalition asking for a lot of information about major Latino markets and sample sizes, which Nielsen is still assembling.

"There were certainly no hugs at the end," said the executive.

That was probably in part because Nogales demanded that the ratings system pull the plug on its July 8 launch of the meters in L.A. Whiting responded that the decision would be based on a final evaluation of the sample (the coalition alleges the sample undercounts minority broadcast viewing). "We found the sample was excellent," said the executive, "and we went ahead with the launch."Nogales says the meeting resolved nothing and that he has “run out of patience.”