White Stripes in a Class Conflict


Did platinum-selling indie rockers the White Stripes sell out to CBS?

It sure seemed that way when a series of primetime promos for the network’s new fall show The Class, about childhood friends who reunite as adults, aired in the past month. The spots, which show kids frolicking on a playground, were accompanied by a tune that sounded for all the world like the White Stripes ditty “We’re Going to Be Friends”—a song about, well, children frolicking on a playground.

Asked if the network had indeed partnered with the band, a CBS spokesperson acknowledged the similarity but said the tune was penned by “in-house composers.”

But a call to Monotone Management, which represents the Stripes, turned up another story.

A Monotone rep declined to comment on the matter but allowed that the band is aware of the commercials and hinted that the duo is not pleased.

Days later, the plot thickened when the promos aired again, this time with a completely different tune.

CBS declined to comment further.

Incidentally, “Friends” is from the Stripes’ album White Blood Cells, which also features a tune called “I Think I Smell a Rat.”