White House to run anti-terror Bowl ads

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The White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy has turned up as one
of the big spenders during the Super Bowl, which will air on Fox Sunday.

The ONDCP -- best known for spots such as, 'This is your brain on drugs' --
has purchased two 30-second anti-terror spots suggesting that illegal drug sales
fund terrorism, sources confirmed.

The ads were developed by WPP Group plc's Ogilvy & Mather and produced by
British director and producer Tony Kaye, who is best known for directing the
film American History X.

Neither the ONDCP nor O&M would discuss the campaign.

In an advertising-challenged year, even the Super Bowl is seeing a downturn.
Still, spots are running at approximately $2 million per 30 seconds, according to
published reports.

In return for accepting the buy, the law requires Fox to donate airtime of
equal value to run more anti-drug public-service advertising.

The ONDCP had been allowing networks to get credit by including anti-drug
messages in television shows, but that practice has been largely abandoned since
it created a controversy two years ago.