White House Agrees to Provide More Access to President

Follows meeting with photographers who had said they were being bypassed
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The White House has agreed to work with news photographers to provide more access to the President in the performance of his public duties.

That is according to the Associated Press, which was one of many news organizations who had complained that the White House was restricting journalist's access to public functions.

Following a meeting with White House officials Dec. 17, AP senior managing editor Mike Oreskes said he was encouraged by the commitment but that "the proof will be in the outcome."

Last month, over three dozen news operations (everyone from The Washington Post and NYT to AP and Reuters) wrote a letter to protest limits on their ability to videotape or photograph the President. They said the White House has been deeming some activities as "private" as a way to limit access to certain events, then releasing its own picture of the event on social media.