Where to be and what to watch...


Monday, Feb. 6

A smart, provocative documentary on Skinemax? See for yourself when Cutting Edge, a look at a Harlem barbershop and the role it plays in the social fabric of the community, rolls on Cinemax (7 p.m. ET). And for more razor wit on the other side of the Triborough Bridge, check out The King of Queens on CBS (8 p.m. ET). Kevin James won’t be the only plus-size actor on the set, as not-as-fat actress Kirstie Alley guests as herself. Queen of Queens Carrie must consume enormous quantities of food as part of Alley’s new weight-loss program. Bon appetit!

Tuesday, Feb. 7

Exactly what the “Electronic Future of Sports” holds (Hint: It’s neither Pong nor Coleco’s Electronic Quarterback) is Topic A at the Conde Nast building in New York. ESPN president George Bodenheimer, Sports Illustrated managing editor Terry McDonell and NBA commish David Stern engage in jock talk over continental breakfast with New Yorker journo Ken Auletta. The Conde Nasties provide the bagels and schmear. Former National Association of Broadcasters President Eddie Fritts is being feted at the Willard Hotel in Washington for 23 years of broadcast service. And tech is the star of the show in Secaucus, N.J., as B&C throws its Competitive Television Through Technology Summit today and tomorrow. Initiative Media CEO Alec Gerster provides the keynote at the Meadowlands Crowne Plaza.

Wednesday, Feb. 8

A dead-of-winter business trip to midtown Manhattan, or an island off of Georgia? The Women in Cable & Telecommunications (WICT) Executive Development Seminar happens over three days on Jekyll Island off the southeastern U.S., with a presentation on balancing life and work (including those three-day beach junkets) by WICT president and CEO Benita Fitzgerald Mosley. Then there’s Media Summit New York at the McGraw-Hill Building, where the marriage of global media and technology will be discussed by keynote speaker Brian Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast, and others. And the Telecommunications Act of 1996 turns ten! FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, who was learning long division in Miss McCoy’s third-grade class when the landmark act was signed (you knew that was coming), will kick off a confab at the Wohlstetter Conference Center in D.C.

Thursday, Feb. 9

Up front, indeed. Disney ABC Kids Network is getting a leg up on the competition with two days of upfront presentations at Splashlight Studios in New York. Tween twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse (a.k.a. Zack & Cody) will look impossibly cute for the advertising community, while Disney brass Rich Ross, Gary Marsh and Tricia Wilber deliver the pitch. And on BET, the intersection of art and commerce takes center stage with the unveiling of Infiniti in Black (9 p.m. ET). Moderated by former New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell, Black showcases the works of five black artists—and some cool cars from Infiniti.

Friday, Feb. 10

Talk about family ties—Justine Bateman joins brother Jason for the season finale of Arrested Development, as Fox airs four episodes before it arrests the development of the too-cool-for-the-room sitcom. The Bluth bonanza starts at 8 p.m. ET. And sound your trumpet and raise your torch—the Winter Olympics are underway in Italy. Big Mouth Bode, Apolo Ohno and those crazy Skeleton guys vie for medals, and Dick Ebersol twists it all into unforgettable television. The Opening Ceremony kicks off on NBC (8 p.m.), as America pulls for another miracle on ice...and/or snow.

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