Where to be and what to watch...


Monday, Jan. 9

It's the debut of Emily's Reasons Why Not on ABC (9 p.m. ET), starring the ever-fetching Heather Graham, and the season premiere of Jake in Progress (9:30 p.m. ET), starring John Stamos. Forever Rollergirl in our hearts, Graham plays a successful professional in the big city who's unlucky in love, while Stamos plays a successful professional in the big city who's, er, unlucky in love. In this age of mergers and acquisitions, couldn't these shows be combined? Call it Emily & Jake (or Jake & Emily, we don't care), and give them the full hour? We can't think of any reasons why not. Speaking of power couples, what have Howard Stern and Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin cooked up for Stern's second act? Find out today with the shock-jock godfather's maiden voyage on satellite radio. Meanwhile, Karmazin is the keynote speaker at the Citigroup Entertainment, Media and Telecommunications Conference in Phoenix.

Tuesday, Jan. 10

Did you miss sleeper hit Sleeper Cell first time around? You're not alone. The replay of season one starts tonight on Showtime (10 p.m. ET) and airs each Tuesday. In the premiere episode, Darwyn Al-Sayeed gets sprung from prison and hooks up with a terrorist cell in Los Angeles. Is he an Islamic terrorist, an FBI mole, or the long-lost twin brother of Jack Bauer? And mogul's mogul Sumner Redstone will share his insights on the freshly bifurcated Viacom, and other media matters, over grub at the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills. Peter Bart, editor in chief of B&C Reed Business Information sibling Variety, moderates.

Wednesday, Jan. 11

Dude, where's my Beauty and the Geek? The WB is offering a one-hour “Casting Call” special tonight (9 p.m. ET), a day before the season premiere, with high- and lowlights from the latest batch of hotties and notties from the Ashton Kutcher vehicle. The charmed life of Kutcher—actor, Punk'd prince, Demi-god—continues. And over on Discovery Channel, professional daredevil Jon Guetter will jump an all-terrain vehicle over a moving train on the premiere of Stunt Junkies (10 p.m. ET). Check back later this year to see how Ted Koppel's Discovery Channel jump fares.

Thursday, Jan. 12

Reality programs have centered on bounty hunters, Harley builders and SWAT teams. It's high time flight attendants—those ever-perky servers in the sky—got their due. Travel Channel's Flight Attendant School (9 p.m. ET) follows 40 trainees through their “rigorous” six-week boot camp, as the flight attendants (DON'T call them stewardesses!) learn the nuances of the emergency safety speech, how to deal with militant vegetarians and how best to coax mile-high–club aspirants out of the can. Only the best earn their wings. After five years on the air, National Geographic Channel has certainly earned its wings. The gang will toast their anniversary—and their new high-def channel—with a fete at the Explorers Club in Manhattan. Special appearances by—no joke—a crocodile, penguin, Siberian lynx and ring-tailed lemur.

Friday, Jan. 13

Monk is back, and he's nuttier than ever. Season four debuts on USA (10 p.m. ET), as everyone's favorite germaphobic gumshoe attempts to break Lady Macbeth's record for hand-washing. Monk tracks down an errant shirt inspector, which leads to a case involving a murdered model. Malcolm McDowell guests as the suspect—tune in to watch Malcolm get Monk'd.

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