Monday, Nov. 15

For the first time in two years, Jerry
ventures down from his Upper West Side lair to
David Letterman's Late Show headquarters, where the staggeringly wealthy
comedian will unveil new standup material. In a completely unrelated
development, Sony's Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment launches a massive
Seinfeld DVD campaign next week. The DVD
includes a boxed set accessorized with playing cards and salt and pepper
shakers from Monk's Diner—yours for just $119.95 (don't be a fool, it's
$77.97 on Amazon). The Museum of Television &
—which used to be called the Museum of Broadcasting in the
days before the cable industry got rich and turned into nice, juicy prey for
museum fundraisers—honors Barbara Walters
and the cast and producers of Everybody Loves
tonight at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Tix cost $1,000, or
$25,000 for a really good table.

Tuesday, Nov. 16

Amazing Race returns tonight for a
sixth installment (two-hour CBS premiere, 9-11 p.m. ET). Prospects didn't
look so good in the show's early, low-rated days, around 9/11, when the
circle-the-world challenge seemed vaguely inappropriate—as it sent wild-eyed
strangers sprinting through airports. But viewers gradually warmed up. Unlike
reality shows that involve bug-eating or toadying to Donald Trump, this one has something we can all relate
to: frantically trying to communicate with a taxi driver in a foreign capital
while not lashing out at the traveling companion who's starting to get on our
nerves. Legal tangles must have prevented Comedy Central
from calling Denis
's new CD “Rescue Me From the Holidays,” Instead, his
comedy album coming out today will be called Merry
F#%$in' Christmas

Wednesday, Nov. 17

We don't know what constitutes a good deal for pork-belly futures, but
we love hearing the prices updated on Midwest radio. Today, the folks who
provide that info herd themselves into the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City
for the annual convention of the National Association of
Farm Broadcasters

Thursday, Nov. 18

When The Walt Disney Co. posts earnings
today, bean-counting Mouseketeers will wish the third quarter could get the
full benefit of going-like-gangbusters Desperate
and Lost. Still,
ABC's clearly on the mend—expect a profit for the quarter, erasing stiff
losses. But don't look for a big revenue jump at the parent company;
CIBC media analyst Mike
predicts Disney will clock in at +6%. Tonight: in an ABC
Primetime special (9 p.m. ET),
Peter Jennings interviews former President
Bill Clinton to mark the opening of the
William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark. Keep an eye on
Clinton to see if, for some strange, Hillaryian reason, he looks less than
devastated by John Kerry's recent

Friday, Nov. 19

You need an impartial referee to keep everybody in line when the
International Radio and Television Society
ropes six TV entertainment bigwigs into the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York
for IRTS's “Entertainment Chief's Newsmaker Breakfast” today. Step
forward CNN's Anderson Cooper, who will
moderate the discussion between Gail Berman (Fox), David Janollari (The WB),
Dawn Ostroff (UPN), Kevin Reilly (NBC) and Nina Tassler (CBS). Cab fare to
event: $12. Tix: $75. Spectacle of network executives trying to maintain a
genteel façade while ridiculing competitors, distancing themselves from
flops and gloating over successes: priceless.

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