Where to be and what to watch…


Monday, Aug. 6

A couple of cocktails with Tori Spelling and husband/fellow innkeeper Dean McDermott? You could do worse for a Monday night. The stars of Tori & Dean: Inn Love are at Soho House in Manhattan with Oxygen ad-sales clients and CEO Gerry Laybourne. Elsewhere in New York, HBO rolls its weekly summer movie in Bryant Park, with Bus Stop, starring Marilyn Monroe, on the big screen. Movie night represents the best and worst of New York: an open-air film in a gem of a park smack in the middle of Gotham, and nasty New Yorkers whose claws come out should you venture too close to their precious blanket. Out West, CableLabs holds its annual conference at the Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colo. Check out the Innovation Showcase with Adzilla and Harmonic. Members only, please!

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Drew Carey’s gradual takeover of the game-show world continues, as he hosts the debut of Power of 10 on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. There’s a potential $10 million payday for a lucky contestant—a far cry from the seven fun-filled days and fabulous nights in Branson, Mo., that Drew will be giving out over on The Price Is Right. And there’s a couple of Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) wingdings going down: the Southern California Leadership Event, featuring SOAPNet Executive VP/General Manager Deborah Blackwell and Cox Human Resources V.P. Sharon Smith, plays at the Clubhouse in Costa Mesa, Calif. And this should be intriguing, in light of the collapsed bridge tragedy: The Midwest Chapter convenes at the Minnesota Cable Show in Alexandria, Minn., where KSTP Minneapolis anchor Cyndy Brucato speaks. Finally, NBC honcho Vince Manze teaches the Learning Annex class “How To Get a Show on TV” at the Metropolitan Doubletree in NYC. Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick is a panelist.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

The National Association of Black Journalists holds its convention at Bally’s in Las Vegas. “Revolutionizing Journalism, Transforming the Future” is the tagline, and today features the J-Space party for aspiring journos. Out in Colorado, CableLabs assembles a bunch of chief technology officers, including Mike Lajoie of Time Warner and Chris Bowick of Cox, for a general session. And on the tube, MTV debuts season No. 1,254,764 of reality granddaddy The Real World. A gaggle of saucy Aussies star in Real World: Sydney at 10.

Thursday, Aug. 9

ABC News and Time magazine co-throw a bash at Times Square Studios in Manhattan. The party celebrates the debut of the book The Preacher and the Presidents, by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy, and the doc Pastor to Power: Billy Graham & the Presidents, reported by Charles Gibson. ABC News President David Westin and Time Editor Rick Stengel host. And Biography Channel has a new batch of famous-people portraits. Tonight features the premiere of Famous: Naomi Watts, showcasing the lissome star of 21 Grams and those creepy The Ring movies. Watts airs at 11.

Friday, Aug. 10

Start the day with a little Big & Rich, as the goofy country duo livens up The Early Show on CBS from Kansas City. And cable has a few lively season premieres. Meerkat Manor, featuring those adorable desert mongoose-things, kicks off on Animal Planet at 8:30. Then, “placing a 21st century spin on a science-fiction classic,” Sci Fi offers a modern version of Flash Gordon at 9. Like many before, Eric Johnson yanks on the tights, grabs a broadsword, and tries to make Gordon more than a Flash in the pan.