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Monday, Dec. 12

The International Radio & Television Society is holding its holiday casino benefit today at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Madison Avenue mavens like Initiative Media CEO Alec Gerster, Horizon Media CEO Bill Koenigsberg and Universal McCann Executive VP Jean Pool will be among those playing poker, blackjack and roulette with funny money—with real scratch going to charity. It's a safe bet that conspiracy theorists will emerge from their panic rooms for Naked Science: Close Encounters (9 p.m. ET) on the National Geographic Channel. Naked…Encounters examines UFO sightings, alien-abduction cases and extraterrestrial beings.

Tuesday, Dec. 13

The 2005 Muse Awards, hosted by New York Women in Film & Television, goes down over lunch at the New York Hilton. With celeb-skewerer Kathy Griffin emceeing, boldfacers like Julianne Moore, Tina Fey and BET President Debra Lee will know what it feels like to get roasted on an open fire. Then there's the CNN holiday media party at the Park Café in the Time Warner Center. You might see Richard Parsons, Anderson Cooper and Larry King. You may also see Aaron Brown whipping up cocktails behind the bar. Remember, tipping is appreciated.

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Breaking bread with Hef is a hard thing to turn down—even if it's not the septuagenarian sex icon but his daughter, Playboy Chairman/CEO Christie Hefner. C-Hef is taking the podium at the MT&R Industry Forum Luncheon at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills. And be sure to tune into NBC for Elton John: The Red Piano (8 p.m. ET). No fewer than 36 high-definition cameras will capture the TV rendition of Elton's Caesars Palace stage show, which includes an intriguing array of interpretive-dance performances. Justin Timberlake plays the young Captain Fantastic during “Rocket Man” (we thought it was fellow SYNC'er Lance Bass that wanted to visit outer space??), and Stacked star Pamela Anderson, breaking from type, performs a pole dance during “The Bitch Is Back.” We're not making this up.

Thursday, Dec. 15

Batali on Stipe. The mind boggles at its very mention! Could wee Michael Stipe survive under the weight of Mario “Body by Beef Cheek Ravioli” Batali? Did Stipe pen REM hit “Orange Crush” about being caught under Molto Mario's trademark orange Converse All-Stars? These, and other questions, will hopefully be addressed when the Food Network personality interviews the REM singer for the latest “Iconoclasts” installment on Sundance Channel (10 p.m. ET). And what do you get when you cross Joan Rivers, celebrity-misdeed Web site The Smoking Gun and Hollywood Heat? Rivers hosts Heat's year-end special on Court TV (11 p.m. ET), with commentary from a veritable Who's Who of Hollywood—or at least the outer reaches of Van Nuys—including Danny Bonaduce, Kato Kaelin and Soprano star Steve Schirripa, who turns down as many TV appearances as he does heaping bowls of pasta fagioli.

Friday, Dec. 16

If Hurricane Katrina wiped out our wedding, we'd take it as an omen and would think long and hard about attempting any knot-tying for the foreseeable future. But that's just us. Wedding planner and Apprentice 2 also-ran Sandy Ferreira hosts Katrina Weddings on WE (10 p.m. ET), where two Gulf Coast couples with a lot of faith hope for better luck this time around. Mazel tov!

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