Where to be and what to watch…


Monday, Nov. 13

It’s News Vets Share Their Wisdom Day! Ted Koppel reports his findings from his first trip to Iran since the hostage crisis. The Discovery special Iran: The Most Dangerous Nation screens at the Kenney Auditorium at Johns Hopkins in Washington. In New York, Katie Couric dishes on what she has learned after two months at CBS News—and two decades in the game—when she hosts “Katie Couric: At the Anchor Desk” at the Museum of Television & Radio. And former CNN’er Daryn Kagan unveils her “Daily Inspiration” Website www.darynkagan.com.

Tuesday, Nov. 14

Breakfast with Baby Boomers! TV Land gathers a bunch of boomers at Manhattan’s Hudson Hotel for breakfast and results from a study about baby boomers and the media. On the other end of the demographic spectrum, it’s Gamers Week, a salute to the wielders of joysticks and pushers of Fire buttons everywhere. There’s a party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, presented by Viacom videogame outfit Gametrailers.com. Look for a year’s worth of Playmates, Hef’s girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson, and some Viacom bigwigs sporting wide grins as they step into the grotto. And seven media luminaries will also be sporting wide grins when they’re inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement over lunch at Cipriani in Manhattan. Count Courteney Monroe, senior VP of consumer marketing at HBO, among the lucky ones. Greg D’Alba, COO of CNN sales & marketing, presents.

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Note to TV-industry aspirants: Hit two vital get-togethers today. Learn the dark art of network scheduling in the Waldorf-Astoria’s Grand Ballroom in New York. It’s the IRTS Foundation’s Newsmaker Breakfast, with scheduling maestros Jeff Bader of ABC, Preston Beckman of Fox, Kelly Kahl of CBS and The CW, and Mitch Metcalf of NBC. Then it’s “How To Write for TV,” hosted by the Learning Annex at a New York site to be determined. It’s taught by Sarit Catz, who has worked with Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman and, yes, the Olsen Twins.

Thursday, Nov. 16

What does the future of TV hold? Our money’s on a short-lived sitcom starring John Larroquette, but we’ve been wrong before. Find out when the “Future of Television” happens at NYU’s Stern School of Business in lower Manhattan. Keynote speakers include Robert B. Classen, CEO of Starz, and Fredrik de Wahl (no relation to hottie Frederique Van Der Wal), CEO of secretive convergence initiative The Venice Project. Dispersers of wisdom also include Albert Cheng, executive VP of digital media at Disney-ABC Television Group; David Poltrack, head of research at CBS Corp.; and Max Robins, B&C editor in chief. For another look at the future of TV, there’s “TV Transformed: Moving Video & Eyeballs From Broadcast to Broadband” at the Bell South Auditorium in Atlanta. And does bigger mean better? Find out when NBC super-sizes its comedies tonight; look for Christian Slater as a hippie in a heaping helping of My Name Is Earl at 8 p.m. ET.

Friday, Nov. 17

Back to the Future... of TV, that is. There’s the panel “New Television Technologies & the Battle for the Digital Consumer,” moderated by TV pundit Shelly Palmer. And if those subsonic transmitters and holodecks were any indication, the Star Trek guys always seemed to know what the future held. Celebrating the show’s 40th anniversary, TV Land offers a weekend-long Star Trek marathon starting at 8 p.m. and featuring a live video chat with stars George Takei, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols. Resistance is futile, so sit back and watch.