Where to be and what to watch...


Monday, Jan. 1

New Year's Day probably ranks around 365th in terms of which day we'd want to start a new job on. But we're not Nancy Dubuc, who takes over as president of History Channel today. One word of advice, Nan: Go easy on the hung-over staffers. Us, we'll be sitting around all day, Bloody Mary in one hand, remote control in the other. Or a mouse—as PBS premieres three pilots on pbs.org. Wired Science, Science Investigators and 22nd Century debut online, then get their TV unveiling Wednesday. Web viewers vote to decide which one gets a spot on the fall schedule. And it being Jan. 1 and all, the Tournament of Roses Parade goes down, with George Lucas as grand marshal. Coverage starts at 11 a.m. ET on ABC, NBC and Univision, among others.

Tuesday, Jan. 2

Fame has its price, as Dirt's tagline goes, and Monica from Friends is here to collect. Courteney Cox gets back at those nasty paparazzi by playing the editrix of a sleaze-peddling celeb-gossip mag. Dirt debuts on FX at 10, as America learns just how glamorous magazine publishing is, from changing commas to semi-colons and attempting to type after a sixth venti coffee. Speaking of substance abuse, the season premiere of True Life—depicting young people and their struggles with the likes of meth addiction, obesity and self-mutilation—airs on MTV at 9.

Wednesday, Jan. 3

Will a Wednesday comedy block work for ABC? The sixth season of According to Jim—that's right, the sixth season of According to Jim—premieres at 8, followed by another new ep at 8:30. Then, it's a long-awaited series premiere that went through several name changes, from Let's Rob Mick Jagger to Let's Rob David Bowie to Let's Rob the Singer From Herman's Hermits. (OK, maybe we made up the last two.) Donal Logue and his merry band get to ply their nefarious trade when The Knights of Prosperity airs at 9. And not to be outdone by his Dirt-dishing missus, David Arquette stars in ABC comedy In Case of Emergency at 9:30. Meanwhile, over at CBS, the new press Website, CBS Press Express, is unveiled.

Thursday, Jan. 4

Is there a little naked man in your future? If they call your name at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood a little after 6 a.m. local time, you're getting a Screen Actors Guild trophy later this month. In New York, Noggin throws its Jack's Big Music Show hootenanny at John Jay College, with a performance from The Laurie Berkner Band. And talk about Leaving Las Vegas—check out CSI on CBS at 9 for a last look at brooding boss Gil Grissom for the foreseeable future. Played by William Petersen, Grizz bolts Sin City for a teaching gig. While they're saying good bye in Vegas, they're saying hello in Washington. The new Congress is sworn in, as the Dems take over key communications-related committee posts. Let the hearings begin!

Friday, Jan. 5

After revealing that How I Met Your Mother lothario Neil Patrick Harris was the most surprising celebrity "I'm gay" announcement, Bravo's OutZoneTV.com comes out, so to speak, with a new poll: Sexiest Gay 2007. Let's see if Doogie Howser can repeat. And are you in the mood for a little Blue humor? If you just can't get enough of cerebral palsy sufferer/Last Comic Standing champ Josh Blue, today's your day. Bravo offers a Standing marathon at 1 p.m. Then Blue is the focus of a Bravo special at 6:30. Feel free to yell, "You're my boy, Blue!" from home.