Where to be and what to watch...


Monday, Dec. 19

'Tis the season for rockin' around the Christmas tree—or the
menorah, if that's your thing. The 2005 Radio Music
, live from Las Vegas on
NBC (9 p.m. ET), are hosted by
Mark McGrath and Jaime
, with performances by Ashlee
, Keith Urban and
Ricky Martin. Then there's the premiere of
So Jewtastic on
VH1 (9 p.m. ET), a celebration of all things
Jewish (and, presumably, fantastic) and some things that don't seem all that
Jewish (but are still fantastic). The cultural commentators comprise a Who's
Who of Jews, from Jackie Mason to
Brooke Burke, with occasional appearances from
ecumenical types like Darryl McDaniels of
Run-D.M.C. Maybe D.M.C. will bust out a little “Holidays in Hollis”: “My
name's D.M.C. with the mic in my hand/And I'm chillin' and coolin' just
like a snowman/So open your eyes, lend us an ear/We want to say Merry
Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!”

Tuesday, Dec. 20

Kelsey Grammer had
Ted Danson had Becker.
George Wendt had his beer commercials, and
John Ratzenberger (better known as
jack-of-all-facts Cliff Clavin) has Made in America, whose third season debuts on the
Travel Channel (9 P.M. ET). Ratzenberger
traipses the nation in search of some of the more intriguing manufacturing
sites in America, then provides picayune details about them. The season
premiere features visits to the Diamond Match factory in Cloquet, Minn., and to
the Lyon & Healy Harps plant in Chicago. Next week, Ratzenberger goes in
search of Shelley Long's career.

Wednesday, Dec. 21

When a program description contains both “touching” and “moving”
in the same sentence, we're generally all over it. Throw in a guest
appearance by the Goo Goo Dolls, and, well,
put another brimming mug of treacle on our tab. CBS is airing A Home for
the Holidays
(8 p.m. ET), which includes performances by
Sheryl Crow, Toni
and the Goo Goos, and, all sarcasm aside, touching stories
about adoption. Larry David was not, in fact,
given up for adoption by the kindly Christian couple in Curb Your Enthusiasm this season,
but the dark lord of anxious laughter does have some personal insights to share
on Sit Down
with David
on TV Land (10 p.m. ET).
Comedian/director Steinberg, a fairly funny man in his own right, gets the
Curb star to talk about why
Johnny Carson never had him on
The Tonight Show.

Thursday, Dec. 22

Ever wonder what it would be like to see a movie with
Yogi Berra? There'd probably be endless
explanations of plot points, no shortage of ssshhhs from
your neighbors, lots of popcorn and soda, and probably several trips to the
bathroom. For a taste of the experience, tune in to YES Network for Yogi and a
, when the Yankee Hall of Famer peppers an airing of
The Natural with an array of Yogi-isms (8
P.M. ET). As Yogi might say, the movie ain't over 'til it's over, or the
fat lady sings, or Roy Hobbs plays catch with his kid in the cornfield.

Friday, Dec. 23

Gifts. Family. Eggnog with just the right amount of hooch. James Bond?
The suave secret agent may not be a Christmas icon on par with Santa, Frosty or
even a Red Ryder carbine-action BB gun, but Spike thinks otherwise. It kicks off
008 Days of
with Live and Let Die (9 a.m. ET). It's eight
days of Bond flicks, from Never Say Never
to Diamonds Are Forever, right up
until the gifts have been returned, the family has departed and the nog is,
sadly, no more.

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