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Monday, Dec. 13

Why not catch the Las Vegas
double-header tonight on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET)
and do a little shopping? As the network announced last week, viewers of some
NBC shows can go online and purchase furnishings and fashions as seen on TV.
Then again, you'd better be taking notes and put them somewhere you won't
forget, because the most recent Vegas
episode we could find with gear for sale aired on Nov. 1. And to
tell the truth, that black silk V-neck dress with mauve/nude piping by
Catherine Malandrino—the one worn by
Nikki Cox as casino crumpet Mary
Connell—just wasn't us.

Tuesday, Dec. 14

With National Cable & Telecommunications
President Robert Sachs
stepping down, how's his yet-to-be-named replacement going to fare with a
bulked-up GOP calling the shots in Washington? That's what many of the
munching lunchers of the Washington Metropolitan Cable
will be wondering today as Sachs addresses the group at the
Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. Tonight: Since
all Christmas TV specials are exercises in forced cheeriness, simulating the
forced cheeriness of Christmas TV specials past, Bravo is wittily cutting out the middleman and bringing
us The Christmas Special Christmas
(8 p.m. ET). It's not all bad sweaters and
worse hair; the show also references South
's “A Very Crappy Christmas.” TiVo-worthy moment:
Bing Crosby's 1977 special featuring der
Bingle dueting with David Bowie on “Little
Drummer Boy.” Tony Bennett and
Snoop Dogg doing “Silent Night,”

Wednesday, Dec. 15

At the FCC's monthly morning meeting
at the 12th Street HQ in Washington, the
commission will try to sort out a spat between cable programmers and developers
of ultrawideband (UWB) wireless technology over possible interference with
satellite frequencies. Since UWB holds the promise of freeing
home-entertainment centers and workstations of nasty electrical-cord tangles,
we hope these kids can work out their differences. Tonight: Referee
Tyra Banks helps untangle those grappling gals
on the finale of America's Next
Top Model
(UPN, 8 p.m.
ET) as the trio of finalists learns who, at last, can lay claim to the beloved
distinction as America's NTM.

Thursday, Dec. 16

That chipper beam of sunshine Sandra
emcees the 2004 Muse Awards for
Outstanding Vision and Achievement
at the New
York Hilton
(tix start at $125). Among the honorees at the gala
luncheon hosted by New York Women in Film &
: All My
star Susan
. Is it too soon to complain that the former lovable loser
Lucci now wins too damned many awards? Tonight: The three-hour finale of The Apprentice (NBC, 8 p.m. ET), featuring
the O'Jays performing “For the Love of
Money” (as opposed to performing for the love of money), the return of
first-season “fan favorite” contestants and a charity b-ball game involving
a dozen NBA players. Let's hope, for
everyone's safety, those guys are fan favorites, too.

Friday, Dec. 17

A year ago on a Sunday night face-off against a Survivor finale, the
TV movie Secret
(NBC, 9 p.m. ET) crawled away with a ratings lump
of coal. Maybe Friday will be friendlier to this story, starring
Jennie Garth, about a jaded newspaper reporter
who discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Yeah, yeah, tell it to the
Pulitzer committee.

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