Where to be and what to watch...


Monday, Nov. 29

The nominees for Most Dissed Members of the Entertainment Industry at Awards Time are: film technicians and TV technicians. At the Academy Awards, you can practically see Oscar roll his eyes when the subject of those glam-deprived tech nerds come up. And at the Emmys—hey, wait, this year, for the first time, the people who are instrumental in the way television looks are themselves going to be on TV. It's not exactly prime time on ABC, but the 2004 Emmy Awards for Technology and Engineering andAdvanced Media Technology will be covered tonight by Pulse, a news show on the cable channel G4techTV. Not sure what the red-carpet situation will be at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, but the technical side of the production ought to be exquisite.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Are you like us—were you worried that, in a year already stuffed to the gills with Jessica Simpson publicity, there just wouldn't be anything left of her to exploit for Christmas? Relax! Tonight, Ms. Simpson, along with Mr. Simpson—er, Nick Lachey, her Newlyweds co-star on MTVHilary Duff, Clay Aiken and other performers turn out for Christmas in Rockefeller Center (8 p.m. ET), NBC's hour-long live coverage of the lighting of a certain oversized piece of vegetation.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Are you like us—were you worried that, during a week already showcasing a festive Jessica Simpson on NBC, there wouldn't be anything left of her for a rival network to exploit for Christmas? Relax! ABC brings us Nick & Jessica's Family Christmas (9:01—yes, 9:01—p.m. ET). Ashlee Simpson is slated to join her sis for a duet of “Little Drummer Boy.” Sample Ashlee lyric: “He started playing the wrong damned song, pa rum pum pum gulp/ I swear, that little drummer brat pa rum pum pum swallow…” But the big-deal event of the night is Tom Brokaw's final broadcast of NBC Nightly News. This is the beginning of the end of network news-anchoring as we knew it, baby, so don't skip.

Thursday, Dec. 2

Day 1 of NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams. That unseemly cackling you hear is ABC News execs glad to see the back of NBC's Mr. Ratings and waiting for the restoration of Peter Jennings. Those of you who are above such grubby mercantile concerns might prefer to focus on the Future of Public Television conference today and tomorrow at the University of Chicago Cultural Policy Center. Participants will include various PBS, CPB and NPR bigwigs, plus New Yorker media maven Ken Auletta. Memo to organizers: Stick a Tickle Me Elmo in the audience as a silent rebuke to podium-hogging blowhards.

Friday, Dec. 3

Paging Suge Knight: We've got an East Coast-West Coast fight on our hands! OK, it's not exactly Death Row Records vs. Bad Boy Entertainment. But we do have the Southern California chapter of Women in Cable & Telecommunications hosting their “Orange County Mentoring Breakfast” at the Balboa Bay Club & Resorton the same day the Museum of Television & Radio in New York City opens six-week exhibition “Spacey Presents Darin: Television Appearances of Bobby Darin Selected by Kevin Spacey.” Spacey—what are the odds?—is the director and star of the new life-of-Darin movie Beyond the Sea. Check your knife at the door, Mack.

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