Wheeler Releases eBook On Network Revolutions

FCC Chair outlines historic changes and how they inform next network sea change

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Monday released an eBook, Net Effects: The Past, Present & Future Impact of Our Networks – History, Challenges and Opportunities--appropriately on multiple platforms--looking at the the printing press, railroad, and the telegraph and telephony and what they teach about the next revolution--digital communications.

Wheeler said in a blog Monday announcing the book's release that he was researching it before being tapped by the President to head the agency.

Wheeler, an amateur historian, said that once he got the nod, he tried to "distill the project on which I had been working to connect what I had learned in my research to the challenges in my new job."

The book is available on Amazon here, on Scribd here, and on the FCC web site.

The release of the book came the same day Wheeler planned a speech at his alma mater, Ohio State, talking about his vision for the FCC and its role as the "the public’s representative" to that fourth revolution.