WHBF, Tribune Cited for PSA Power


Silver Bells, Silver Bells, its Ad Council award time in the city--New York, that is.

The council Monday named WHBF-TV Davenport, Iowa, and Tribune Broadcasting as its TV outlet winners of Silver Bell awards for commitment to public service, specifically the council's public service announcements.

WHBF won the station award for its support of the "Project Roadblock" campaign to reduce drunk driving during the holiday season.

WHBF, Citadel Broadcasting's CBS affiliate there, aired 80% of the spots, which introduced the "drunk driving is buzzed driving" theme, between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m., "spotlighted" the campaign on its Web site, and reported on the campaign in its newscasts.

Tribune rang the council's chimes with its overall support for various initiatives, winning the group award for 17,000 airings of council spots, including ones on fatherhood, childhood cancer, and disease and obesity prevention.

The awards will be handed out April 20 at the Television Bureau of Advertising marketing conference in New York.