What's Up widens Web


Atlanta-based What's Up Interactive is about to add two more Fox stations to
its roster of TV clients.

Currently, the company maintains the Web sites of nine Fox owned-and-operated stations,
including handling Webcasting's version of centralcasting for news on the
majority of those sites.

Company president Richard Warner said What's Up is in negotiations with two
other TV groups with predominately Fox affiliates to outsource their Web

The business model currently works best with Fox stations, since the company
has developed what is, in effect, syndicated Web content focusing on Fox prime
time, including quizzes, games and graphics.

But with more broadcasting companies looking to cut costs, What's Up is
marketing its services beyond the current roster of News Corp. stations and a
West Coast ABC O&O. What's Up already has built-in name recognition with its
target clients.

It began life as a fax company, sending out sweeps promo information for more than
100 stations, including O&Os of Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS.