What's in a name?


Does the name Michael Marcovsky sound familiar?

He was part of the management team assembled by the Black Education Network
to bid on some heartland state cable systems owned by AT&T Broadband
(BEN lost out to Bresnan Communications and Mediacom Communications Corp., and it is now suing).

Marcovsky was an interesting choice.

True, his days in the industry go back to Warner Cable's pioneering QUBE
interactive-TV system.

But Marcovsky was also CEO of Nostalgia Network, which became embroiled
in a financial scandal in 1993, and he was the subject of a Federal Trade
Commission action over a telemarketing scheme that investigators charged raised
$16.5 million for a leased-access children's cable network and pet network.

BEN president Michele Clark Jenkins said Marcovsky was never an executive of
BEN and his participation in the proposal ended before a second round of