WGN Races Into Fall


Superstation WGN, which has been eyeing the male 18-34 demo hungrily, is adding an auto racing show.

Race Car Driver
will be a weekly half-hour reality show that gets the green flag in fall 2005. The series will follow the fortunes of Canadian driver Paul Tracy, whose racing team is a bitter rival of one co-owned by actor turned salad dressing making auto racer, Paul Newman (look for show producers to work some shots of Newman into the show wherever possible).

The series joins another new male-targeted series, Ultimate Arena Paintball, which will launch in fall 2005 as well. That show got an April try-out on the channel and did well enough to get a nod for fall.

WGN says Race Car Driver will offer a number of sponsorship opportunities for advertisers and the cable operators that carry the channel. Those could range from signage, online promotion, and contests to product placement.