WGBH Adopts New Fundraising Strategy


WGBH Boston has launched a Web site, adoptionfilm.org, so that viewers can "adopt" a documentary about adoption. While the station has asked for money plenty of times, this is its first online campaign to fund a particular show.

The noncommercial station, one of PBS' leading program producers, has already gotten partial funding from CPB and PBS, but it has until the end of the year to have the balance of the bucks in place, so it is soliciting online contributions to go directly to the show.

Adoption, an American Revolution
, will include a two-hour film, the Web site and an outreach campaign directed at schools and communities.

The revolution, says executive producer Judith Vecchione, has changed adoption from something to hide to another "wonderful" way to create a family.  “But these changes are rarely reflected in the media," she says, "which still portrays adoption with negative stereotypes and shows like Who’s Your Daddy?"

The station anticipates a large base of donors since a third of the population has someone in the family who was adopted, says WGBH.