WGAE Adds iPhone App Company

Ilarious joins writers union

Ilarious, which provides downloadable jokes to mobile devices, has become the first iPhone app company to join the Writers Guild of America, East.

WGAE says the company's comedy writers include staffers for The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live and The Onion, as well as producers and performers many of which are already in the union.

"In a couple of years, mobile will be one of the dominant forces in our industry. It's important to the founders of iLarious that we bring the best talent to the table, and that we put a stake in the ground in this newly developing territory," said company founder Fred Graver, who is also already a member of the union. "The new means of producing content allows us to be owners and creators at the same time -- and in the future, we look forward to being able to picket ourselves every few years."

WGAE has been aggressively adding digital media companies, counting 20 so far and accounting for 25 web series currently online, according to WGAE.