WGA STRIKE UPDATE: Leaders Call for Patience in Wake of DGA Deal

Writers Guild of America Also Announces Four More Side Deals

With talk that the deal between the Directors Guild of America and studios would have writers back at the table as soon as this week, the Writers Guild of America sent a letter to members late Friday asking them to keep the faith and pointing out that it had signed four more side deals.

"This is a critical juncture in our struggle," the WGA leadership said. "As this process unfolds, we ask for your patience. No matter what you think of the DGA’s tentative agreement, what is most important is that the Guilds East and West continue to work together in order to achieve our goal: a fair and just agreement for writers."

The Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers reached out to the WGA to begin informal talks.

While the guild has sought new talks, it also pointed out to members tht the four new side deals provide some more incentive to producers to settle the contract dispute. The new deals are with Mandate Pictures, Sixth Floor Literary Properties, OVert Operations/Anonymous Content and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment. The four deals are on top of the five already struck.

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