WGA Members Protest At MNF


Writers Guild of America East members picketed the Monday Night Football game in Philadelphia between the Eagles and the Cowboys.

According to guild spokeswoman Syndy Gordon, members handed out leaflets at VIP entrances to the stadium targeting ABC executives.

WGAE members are currently in talks with ABC and CBS over news employee contracts.

Both the WGAE and WGA West recently elected new leadership on a pledge of more union organizing and activity. On Tuesday, a reality TV writer rushed the stage at a breakfast panel featuring the entertainment chiefs from the six broadcast networks Tuesday in New York, demanding the networks and TV studios provide reality writers with benefits equal to their counterparts on sitcoms and dramas.

Outside, other writers and representatives from the WGAE and WGAW passed out flyers to the hundreds of people gathered for the International Radio & Television Society Foundation breakfast at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

On Monday, the reality writers held an L.A. press conference to propose a product placement code of conduct calling for programmers to fully disclose plugs at the beginning of shows.--Allison Romano contributed to this report.