WGA East and West to Meet Again with ABC


The WGA East and West will meet again with ABC Nov. 29 in their ongoing contract impasse.

ABC had given the union until Oct. 31 to accept its final offer, but the union asked for more dates to negotiate, and ABC has agreed to November 29, according to the union.

Meanwhile, look for WGA East and West members to vote  on CBS's "final" contract offer November 27 and 28, with results expected by Wednesday, November 29.

CBS has given the members until November 30 to respond. A spokeswoman for the union said she expected the members to reject the contract.

CBS and WGA, which represents news writers, producers, graphics people, and others have been in a  contract dispute since April 2005 over wages, benefits and changes in union representation.

The members, who work for CBS News in New York, L.A., Washington and Chicago, will be voting either at membership meetings November 27 or the following day at locations to be determined.

ABC set an October 31 take or leave it date for its final contract offer in a similar contract dispute with the union that has been going on almost as long, but WGA asked for more meetings to continue negotiating.