Weekly hours show power in syndie sweeps


Now squarely into this month's sweeps, weekly hours typically clocked the strongest showings over other syndicated efforts for the week ending Feb. 11.

Entertainment Tonight Weekend wielded the most muscle of the hours, scoring a six-year high of a 5.1, according to Nielsen Media Research. Others on a similar roll included rookie Maximum Exposure (2.4, up 60%), rebounding from last week's sports pre-emptions to match its season high, and The Lost World (2.4, up 26%) hitting a new season best. Also looking fit were X-Files (3.9, up 15%), Xena (3.8, up 15%), and Earth Final Conflict (2.3, up 10%). Some exceptions included E.R. (3.3, down 8%), Stargate-SG1 (2.7, down 10%) and VIP (2.3, down 15%). Andromeda (3.9) was flat.

Certain magazine strips also bared their teeth, including Entertainment Tonight (7.2, up 3%), which posted a second-straight season high and Extra (3.5, up 6%) equaling its season-best.

Otherwise, syndication numbers were spotty. Talk strips were a mixed bag, with the top four vets slumping, including Oprah (6.5, down 3%), Live with Regis - new co-host Kelly Ripa will come into the picture next week - (4.0, down 2%), Jerry (3.8, down 3%) and Maury (3.7, down 3%). Looking better were Montel (3.5, up 13%), Rosie (3.3, up 6%), Ricki (2.8, up 8%), Jenny (2.4, up 9%), Martha (1.6, up 7%) and Queen Latifah (1.4, up 17%). Sally nudged down 8% to a 2.3.

Court shows largely stalled from last week, with many staying well off how they did the same time last year, including the leaders Judge Judy (6.6, up 2% for the week, down 15% from February 2000) and Judge Joe Brown (3.7, down 5% for the week, down 16% from last year). Divorce Court (3.1, flat for the week and year) was the only one to escape that label. Others were Judge Greg Mathis (2.2, down 15% for the year), People's Court (1.9, down 34%) and Judge Mills Lane (1.8, down 25%).

Rookie efforts kept quiet, with many just moving up or down slightly for the period. The group included Power of Attorney (2.4, down 8%), Judge Hatchett (2.2, up 5%), Arrest & Trial (1.9, flat), Street Smarts (1.8, flat), Curtis Court (1.8, up 6%), To Tell the Truth (1.7, down 6%), Dr. Laura (0.9, flat), Moral Court (0.8, down 20%) and Sex Wars (0.6, flat). - Susanne Ault