Webcasting deal planned for Friday


Webcasters, record companies and recording artists have told House Judiciary
chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) that they will have a deal by Friday on a
Webcasting royalty scheme that will "provide the economic certainty and
stability necessary for Webcasters large and small to succeed," Sensenbrenner said.

As a result, Sensenbrenner has pulled a bill that would have postponed
royalty payments from Webcasters to artists and record companies, which are to
start Oct. 20.

How much pure play Webcasters and broadcasters streaming their stations'
content should have to pay has been controversial since the U.S. Copyright
Office's Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel set rates last year, although the
Librarian of Congress later cut the rates in half.

The Recording Industry Association of America and Webcasters appealed the
rate in court.

Currently, Webcasters must pay 70 cents per song for every 1,000 listeners.
Webcasters had also asked the Library of Congress to delay the royalty payments
until the court cases are resolved.

Sensenbrenner said he expected legislation codifying the agreement to go
to the House next week.