Web Spots Spike With Game in Bag


Early returns from Web ad traffic tabulator Akamai show that traffic to sites plugged in the Super Bowl spiked just before halftime, then when the game winner appeared to be in the bag.

Average traffic to the Web sites it monitors--over half of the national Super Bowl advertisers--spiked from 50,000 visitors per minute during the game to 163,970 per minute just before halftime, accoring to Akamai's tabulation.

when the game's outcome apparently looked to be no longer in doubt--about 9:30--usage spiked at 782,679 visitors per minute, with the vast majority of those--780,298-- came from the U.S.

For the three weeks before the game, traffic had averaged between 70,000-80,000 visitors per minute.

A number of the advertisers paying $2.5 million per pop had asked the company, which handles Internet-bypass Web traffic for many big-ticked advertisers, to provide the data so they could correlate their ads with Web site-traffic generation.

Akamai was seeing some Monday spikes for the sites--it had predicted a "Super Monday" effect--though returns were not yet in on how super it might have been.