Weather marks Louisiana Purchase


In an unusual integrated ad campaign, The Weather Channel said the Louisiana
Office of Tourism is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase
by sponsoring trivia spots and a related Web-site section on

In addition, the tourism organization will sponsor the first live and
on-the-road broadcast of the network's "Your Weather Today" on April 28-29, when
it will originate from the New Orleans Riverwalk, near the Aquarium of the

Since January, Weather has been airing Louisiana Tourism's 30-second spots
featuring trivia questions about the Louisiana Purchase.

In addition, the tourism organization is sponsoring a related section on its
Web site -- expanded earlier this month to include a sweepstakes -- with links
to the Louisiana Tourism site.

The U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory, doubling the size of the new
country, from France in 1803 for $15 million. The companies didn't say how much
the deal would be worth today.