WE Talks ESP With Edward


The psychic John Edward may be on the verge of communicating with his dead TV career. A source at the WE channel confirms negotiations with Edward, who built a multimedia empire in recent years based on his ability to convince the bereaved that he could be their go-between with the deceased.

After TV appearances in the late ’90s that flabbergasted audience members and plenty of TV hosts, Edward scored his own show, Crossing Over With John Edward, which debuted on Sci Fi in 2000, quickly became a late-night hit and went into daytime syndication before passing on in 2004.
The demise of Edward’s TV platform hardly spelled disaster; his show was just one aspect of an extrasensory financial juggernaut that has included bestselling books, a newsletter, audio tapes, public appearances, private readings and merchandise sales.
Edward has attracted plenty of critics, who dismiss him as an adept practitioner of the art of “cold reading”—essentially inspired guesswork, assisted by eager-to-believe dupes. But his “I talk to dead people” routine can make good theater and seemed to offer plenty of comfort to some people.
Edward’s core TV audience was women 25-54, which makes the interest of the female-oriented WE in bringing him back thoroughly understandable. In fact, it almost could have been predicted.