WCBS-TV to open Jerusalem bureau


Kimberly Dozier, who has been a CBS News and CBS Radio foreign
correspondent, will set up a Middle East bureau for WCBS-TV New York in

Dozier has been reporting for the station's newscasts from Islamabad,
Pakistan, and northern Afghanistan.

In creating the bureau, WCBS-TV news director Joel Cheatwood cited the
intense interest in the region within the station's viewing area.

'Many people in our area have family and friends who live in or around the
Mideast, while others reside there part-time,' Cheatwood said.

'Needless to say, there is a keen interest in the issues
and events impacting the region,' he added. 'It is truly local news to the
tristate area.'

Cheatwood, who oversees local news at all Viacom Inc. stations, said Dozier
will be exclusive to WCBS-TV except on an occasional, as-needed