WCBS Reporter Out Over F-Word


CBS confirms that WCBS-TV New York reporter Arthur Chi'en was fired Thursday after his f-word response to hecklers made it on to the air during a 6 a.m. broadcast.

"WCBS-TV apologizes for the use of inappropriate language during our 6 a.m. broadcast. We deeply regret the incident," the station said in a statement..

The company has a zero tolerance policy on so-called broadcast indecency post Janet Jackson--stations cannot air sexual content or profanity between 6 a.m. nd 10 p.m. per FCC rules, but Viacom is one of several companies to also pledge to self-police.

Chi'en was reporting from a subway station, according to a New York Post story, when two men began chanting Opie & Anthony and shot the finger to the camera.

Ironically, Opie & Anthony were the shock jocks employed by CBS parent Viacom who were fired for indecency violations after a "Sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral" on-air contest drew flack from Washington and elsewhere.

As his report ended, Chi'en shouted at the men: "What the f---- is your problem," according to the Post, The comment made it onto the air.

Chi'en had been with the station since December 2003, when he joined from WFXT Boston.