WB Pledges More Diversity


More diverse faces will grace The WB Television Network in coming months, said chairman Garth Ancier and brand-new entertaiment president David Janollari, addressing reporters at the summer press tour Wednesday.

"I'm disappointed in the fall schedule from a diversity standpoint," Ancier said. "The only way you fix it is to develop broader, more diverse shows going forward."

Not only does The WB plan to offer viewers more ethnic cast members "and it is true that The WB is devoid of African- or Asian- Americans" it also hopes to appeal to more older viewers and more males.

Asked what he'd like to fix going forward, Ancier saidd: "I think we were late on reality programs and we've been too derivative with what we put on the air. We've been a bit stale as a network."

One thing The WB doesn't appear worried about is other networks stealing reality pitches from them and then racing them to air to beat them, but that's unlikely because The WB thus far hasn't had a reality hit that anyone would snatch.

"If you reject a pitch and then go do the same show, I do think that's unethical," Ancier said. "But I think this is business as usual in TV land. We've all learned to accept that over the years.

"Ultimately, it all comes down to execution. No one knew how big a show Apprentice would be. We knew it had Mark Burnett and Donald Trump, but that show succeeded because of the vision of the producers and programmers that put it on the air."

On that note, The WB doesn't plan to do another round of Superstars USA, a reality show that openly parodied Fox's megahit, American Idol, while fooling people into believing the good singers were bad and vice versa.

"We wouldn't do a show again that actively encouraged people to follow their delusions," said Ancier.