Walsh shows lead police to Smart abductor

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John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted on Fox and NBC Enterprises'
The John Walsh Show, had another success Wednesday when missing teen-ager
Elizabeth Smart was found in a Salt Lake City suburb.

Since Smart disappeared last June, Walsh has persisted in having the Smart
family on his daytime talk show and also continued to address the issue on his
weekly prime-time show.

Last week, Walsh aired a composite drawing of the kidnapper on America's
Most Wanted
, which ultimately led to a sighting that found Smart.

On Thursday, Walsh for the first time is airing a live episode of his talk
show featuring the Smart family, with whom Walsh is close.

Smart's father, Ed, complained on-air Wednesday night that Congress has
failed to pass a bill that would create a national Amber Alert network.

Broadcasters and transportation authorities in many states issue an Amber
Alert when a child is found missing in the hope that he or she can be quickly

Radio and TV stations put out information and lighted road signs inform
motorists that a child is missing and give a phone number to call.

Last year, the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate failed to
reconcile two larger bills that included the Amber Alert language, keeping
Congress from passing a bill that would have granted federal support for a
national Amber Alert service.

This year, a bill has been introduced in the House that includes $20 million
in grants to help create a national Amber Alert system and to fund a national
coordinator for the program.