Walden Endorses Romney

Former broadcaster looks forward to working with presidential candidate on telecom policy

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) has come out in support of Mitt Romney for president, according to the Romney campaign.

"Today, I am announcing my endorsement and full support for Governor Mitt Romney in his campaign for president," the campaign quoted former broadcaster Walden as saying. "As the senior elected Republican in Oregon, I would not normally wade into a primary, but these are not normal times. I personally know several of the other candidates and have great respect for their willingness to run and for the integrity and honesty they bring to the debate. But the country under President Obama has become more divided and the people are worse off. Governor Romney is best qualified to run, win and govern effectively."

Walden said he looked forward to working with a Romney team on telecom policy and "getting America's fiscal house in order."

A former Oregon Senator, National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon Smith has also backed Romney. It was a personal endorsement and not an NAB endorsement. Smith, like Romney, is a Mormon and moderate Republican.


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What Would Romney Do?

He would try to lower or level regulations to get them out of the way of private-sector investment and fashion a new-look FCC (but possibly with an old hand at the helm). That’s what awaits the television industry if the Republican nominee wins the White House.