Wal-Mart Stocks Fox News


If you hear Brit Hume proclaim: "Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers, Hawaii has just gone for Bush," now you'll know why.

Fox News Channel, whose success has been attributed to tapping an unserved audience between The Coasts, is making it official.

The cable news channel is teaming with Premier Retail Networks, to deliver its election night coverage to all 2,620 Wal-Mart stores.

According to one Nielsen measure, the Wal-Mart TV Network is the fifth largest in the country at 130 million impressions per month. That's according to Nielsen New Media, which tracks eyeballs for the in-store network.

Based on historic traffic figures, Fox and Wal-Mart expect to reach about 4 million shoppers during the coverage.

Fox is looking to give viewers a seamless, store-to-home election connection, so that shoppers picking up lightbulbs or marked-down Halloween candy will be encouraged to continue watching FNC or their Fox affiliate when they get home.

Fox already has a deal with PRN to provide live coverage of breaking news events, including Iraqi war news cut-ins.

Wal-Mart will switch over to Fox coverage when the polls close in each time zone.