VR Camera Company Launches Studio Arm

Lucid VR’s new studio arm will offer 3D VR commercial and documentary services

San Francisco-based virtual reality camera company Lucid VR is launching a new studio division, one capable of creating 3D VR first-person commercial and documentary videos, the company announced.

Lucid VR currently develops 3D 180-degree, pocket-sized VR cameras — under the LucidCam brand — that captures content in a first-person, “found footage” style, and the new production arm will enable both 180- and 360-degree 3D VR content creation.

“Our 3D, 180-degree, VR approach gives storytelling true depth and peripheral vision in an incredible and very real experience,” said Han Jin, CEO of Lucid VR. “This is called ‘found footage’ in traditional filmmaking where viewers feel like what is filmed through the viewfinder is what they would be seeing with their own two eyes. It is incredibly realistic.”

Cosmetics retail chain Sephora and the recreational sports arm of the University of California, Berkeley are among those using Lucid VR’s new studio offering, the company shared. Along with some “small,” unnamed documentaries, Lucid Studio projects also include 360-degree real estate and hospitality VR tours, along with company profile and training videos.

“With this 180-degree first person narrative approach there are so many different types of videos we can create and produce,” said Stacy McKenzie, head of Lucid Studios. “When you have the immersive experience of VR, there is no limit to what you can produce where imagination meets reality.

“Today consumer brands are extremely interested in using VR to connect with, and engage, their audiences. We create the most lifelike experience possible so our clients can differentiate themselves and dramatically change their customers’ experience with their products.”