Voom: Simultaneous and Incredibly Clear


A month after Steven Soderbergh’s Bubble flouted the traditional theatrical release by debuting simultaneously (if not spectacularly) in theaters, on DVD and on TV, the HD channel-suite Voom is looking to do the same.

Voom tells Flash! that it will partner with Independent Digital Entertainment (InDigEnt) to produce Starting Out in the Evening for simultaneous release (or nearly simultaneous—just as unusual) in theaters and on Voom sometime in mid 2007.

Like Bubble, which was produced on a shoestring, Starting Out will cost less than $500,000. (Unlike Bubble, it will feature some big names, including Frank Langella, Lili Taylor and Lauren Ambrose.) Voom is throwing in two of its HD cameras as its part of the deal. Both Voom and InDigEnt are units of Rainbow Media’s Independent Film Channel, which has made three other films.

"When this film is made, it will be stunning television," says Voom General Manager Greg Moyer. "There’s five times as much visual information in a high-definition video picture as in a standard-definition video picture. And the image in the theater looks almost as good, and some would say, as good, as if it was made on film."