VOD No Threat Yet To Traditional TV


According to a study released Thursday by Nielsen and Comcast, video on demand does not cut into "un-demand," or traditional linear TV viewing, at least not yet.

According to Nielsen, the three-month study found that "at this stage in the development of VOD," those households are still heavy users of plain old television service, to the tune of over 12 hours a day.

Nielsen merged Comcast's anonymous VOD usage data with its own ratings information for the study, which was conducted in Philadelphia (Comcast Digital Cable Customers who were also members of Nielsen's Local People Meter sample).

The study found that Comcast On Demand households watched an average of 723 minutes per day of  "traditional television" (yes, that is over 12 hours, which begs the question of when they had time to watch the on-demand stuff).

Not surprisingly, free VOD offerings including shows from ad-supported cable nets, movies, and music programs, were the most sampled content, but the most watched in terms of minutes was subscription VOD from pay services including HBO, Showtime and Starz.