Visible World Introduces Video Ad Customization Interface


Video advertising technology and services company Visible World today announced the release of a Web-based interface for its products called the IntelliSpot Dashboard. The company’s new offering is intended to allow for integration and management of the company’s “logic-driven” creative tools with its video delivery network.

Visible World already offers an advertising solution which allows clients to integrate different audio, video and graphic segments into a spots on multiple mediums depending on context defined by clients. The new Web interface allows for further control, letting advertisers edit their content on the fly with little lead time as well as monitor and adjust campaigns mid-run.

The goal of Visible World’s offerings is to ease the headache of creating campaigns for TV, broadband and mobile. Founded by a group of advertising and media veterans in 2000 the company has tried to keep things simple for its clients, which include Wendy’s and MTV Networks, allowing their campaigns to react swiftly without major organizational changes.  “Everything that we have done is intended to map explicitly onto the existing workflow,” says Visible World President Tara Walpert. “There are a couple tweaks of in the process to make it better, so companies can take advantage of this [on the fly customization], but for the most part it shouldn’t be a radical change for who does what each day.”