Viggle TV Loyalty Program Hits One Million Users

Free app offers viewers rewards for checking into TV programs on over 140 channels

ViggleSM has announced it signed up one million registered users for its loyalty program for TV shows and that users of the Viggle app have checked in to more than 63 million TV shows since its launch in January of this year.

The Viggle app automatically recognizes and checks its users into live, DVR'd and online TV content from over 140 popular channels and allows users to earn loyalty points for checking in, watching video clips, playing games, answering trivia and participating in live polls.

On average users are spending around 86 minutes per session with the app and have redeemed their points over 905,000 times for a wide variety of rewards that include movie tickets, music downloads, electronics, gift cards or charitable donations, the company reports.

"One million registered users is a key milestone for Viggle," said Chris Stephenson, president of Viggle Inc. in a statement. "We're focused on making TV better for our users, rewarding them for their loyalty to the shows they love and giving them unique ways to interact with what they're watching."

Since its launch, the company has also added a number of features, including Viggle LIVE feature that offers real-time voting, trivia and polls synched to what the user is watching, and MyGuy, a fantasy sports game that knows which teams are playing when the Viggle user checks into a game on TV.