Viewers loved CBS all season long

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Kicking off the last round of sweep calls for this season, CBS chairman and
CEO Leslie Moonves laid claim to the victory in viewers for all three sweeps
this year -- the first time in 15 years CBS has been able to say that.

"The amount of victory is by almost 1 million viewers over NBC and 2.5
million viewers over ABC," Moonves said. "Not only did we win, we did it in an
impressive fashion."

Moonves also boasted that CBS is "the best developers, marketers and
broadcasters," introducing what he called the top three new programs in CSI:
, Without a Trace and Still Standing.

Moonves said CBS has "broken NBC's 18-year stranglehold on Thursday nights"
and made that night the most profitable for CBS, particularly because CBS'
Thursday prime time is much cheaper than NBC's, although NBC's ad time costs more
on that night.

While Moonves talked optimistically about "narrowing the demo gap" between CBS
and NBC, CBS will still finish the year third behind NBC and Fox in the
advertiser-preferred 18-through-49 adult demographic.