The View Is Good for Hasselbeck


This time, she was the final survivor-Elisabeth Filarski Hasselbeck outlasted two other finalists to become the fifth co-host of ABC’s daytime chit-chat show, The View.

Since her appearance on Survivor: The AustralianOutback, Hasselbeck has gone on to host The Style Channel’s The Look for Less, as well as programs on MTV. She appeared as a guest host on The View, along with 20 other candidates, before winning the permanent spot.

"All three of our final contestants were very special and talented young women, but Elisabeth seemed just right, and our viewers’ e-mails, telephone calls and letters truly supported our choice," said Barbara Walters, the show’s creator and executive producer.

She officially joins the show Tuesday, Nov. 25. Hasselbeck is married to NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck.