Viacom Rides Cow Pie-Powered Hog

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Viacom's UPN stations are prepared to ride a motorcycle powered by cow pies and fly a plane fueled by whiskey to attract Kids and please the FCC.

OK, that requires some context.

Distributor Coyote TV says has cleared its FCC-friendly kids series, Coolfuel Roadtrip, on Viacom's UPN stations (16 of them) for a fall 2005 debut.

The 18-episode, half-hour series looks at the year-long, 16,000-mile cross-country trek of some alternately-fueled vehicles helmed by "Australian TV adventurer" Shaun Murphy and his dog, Sparky.

Other green machines they employ to see the USA in something other that a fossil fuel-powered Chevrolet include an RV running on soybeans, a vegetable oil-powered pickup, and a stretch hummer limo running on sun, hydrogen, and cajun food.

The show will include weekly celebrity guests including alternate-fuel fans Daryl Hanna, Jackson Browne and Ed Begley Jr., as well as visits with Americans pioneering fuels and vehicles of the future who provide a little help in the present to Shaun and Sparky.

Viacom stations taking the show include top 10 outlets WPSG Philadelphia, WSBK Boston, KTXA Dallas, WUPA Atlanta, and WKBD Detroit.

The show is cleared primarily in weekend daytime slots, according to a Coyote spokeswoman. The exception is in Oklahoma, where KAUT will air it Friday mornings at 8 a.m.

The Viacom stations are the first announced clearances, but others are expected to follow shortly.