Viacom Relaunching Station Web Sites

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The Viacom station group is remaking the Web sites of its owned stations.

It will boost functionality and improve streamed video product to help make them into 24-hour news destinations between their 5,6 and 11 local news broadcasts.

Seventeen CBS stations will be re-launched by 2005, with the UPN stations following in 2006.

The initiative will include desktop, wireless and mobile alerts for traffic, weather and entertainment news, text and voice to begin with and, eventually, video.

The project is being managed by the newly-formed Viacom Television Stations Digital Media Group.

CBS spokesman Dana McClintock said that the effort could be extended to affiliates as well as owned stations. "We would certainly discuss it," he said, "but it's not in the plan right now."

At any rate, it will start with the owned stations, an effort that will extend into 2006.