Viacom Likes Buzz


The Viacom Television Stations Group has picked up syndicated, youth-oriented morning news program, The Daily Buzz, for UPN affiliates WSBK Boston, WUPA Atlanta and WKBD Detroit.

The three-hour morning show was also renewed by eight UPN affiliates: KTXA Dallas, KSTW Seattle, WTOG  Tampa, WTVX West Palm Beach, WGNT Norfolk, WUPL New Orleans, KAUT Oklahoma City, and WLWC Providence.

The show had also secured recent pickups in Austin (KNVA), Las Vegas (KTVE) and Cincinnati (WBQC).

The show, which airs at 6-9 a.m., was launched in January 2004 as a joint venture of Emmis Communications and ACME Communications, though Emmis' participation down the road is a questionmark.

The company is selling off its TV assets to concentrate on its radio stations. "It’s obviously a television asset and it’s available, " said Dave Ward, SVP, programming and marketing, for Emmis Television, "but I don’t know what the status is of it being sold off to someone else. we are moving forward with the show as of now, regardless of whether we keep it or our portion gets sold off as one of the assets. "The show will be there, but I just don’t know who will own our half of the show down the road."