Viacom to Delay Live Programming


Viacom Inc. has agreed to delay live programming across its radio and TV properties as part of a $3.5 indecency settlement.

Viacom is settling all outstanding indecency complaints, fines and proposed fines with the exception of the $550,000 Janet Jackson Super Bowl fine, and it will put delays on all live programming -- TV and radio, network (CBS and UPN) and stations.
The fines all involved Infinity Radio outlets and Viacom has admitted as part of the settlement that some of the broadcasts, specifically on WKRK-FM Detroit, were indecent.

The FCC proposed a fine against Infinity station WKRK-FM back in December 2003 for a "Deminski and Doyle Show" broadcast of a series of references to various disgusting sexual practices.

Also included was the $357,000 fine for the Sex in St. Patricks cathedral stunt on WNEW(AM), as well as another Opie & Anthony broadcast (the jocks were axed after the St. Pat's stunt).
Although the settlements involved radio, the consent decree extends into TV as well. According to the decree, a TV and radio delay on live programming will be used in "a reasonable, good-faith effort to edit potentially problematic programming."

Viacom has also agreed to immediately suspend, and potentially fire, any on-air employee whose broadcast results in a notice of apparent liability from the FCC, and to institute indecency education programs at all its properties.
The FCC Tuesday denied indecency complaints against Fox's Keen Eddie for an episode about horse semen, two episodes of The WB's Off Centre, and four episodes of NBC's Coupling.