VH1 gets game


Just when it seemed impossible to spin yet another twist on Behind the Music, VH1 presents The Game Behind the Music, one of three new game
shows greenlighted for pilots.

Game rewards players who can best
answer questions pulled from episodes of the mother series. Name That Video is the VH1 version of Name That Tune ; and Love
& Harmony
is a sort of Newlywed
Executive Vice President of Programming Jeff Gaspin says game
shows are "an attempt to get more diverse with our programming.. As
we've seen with Rock & Roll Jeopardy,
music and game shows make good business sense." Rock
& Roll Jeopardy
was No. 3 out of 28 regularly scheduled series
in the third quarter, he points out.

The network has also struck a deal to provide music news for Entertainment Tonight. VH1's Rebecca Rankin will